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In Litigation, there are two sides each usually firmly believing it is in the right. It is a rare case where one side has an uncontested position or uncontested facts. Success then typically turns on how one handles those parts of the case or facts that are not favorable.

One of my Grandfather’s favorite sayings was “When life gives lemons, one makes lemonade”. We take that saying to heart. If there is a negative circumstance or fact, we find a silver lining. Often adversaries’ liability experts can be used to establish or support a Client’s damages, for example. Often adversaries’ damages experts can be used to support the qualifications of our experts, or the need for various forms of treatment, or the underlying harm and damage sustained in a general fashion.

We have used these simple techniques to the great advantage of our Clients. The ability to turn or blunt an adversary’s position or set of facts increases one’s chances of a satisfactory outcome.

Below is a sampling of positive results obtained on behalf of our Clients, Litigation Exhibits created and used, and Articles you might find interesting.

Remember, every case is unique and turns on its own facts, and those fully determined facts define end value, so no specific outcome can be guaranteed in your case.

$4.475 million settlement for Hammonton pool accident
By Gabe Donio, Gazette Staff Writer
January 19, 2000 | Read Article | View Article

By Thomas Russell, Press of Atlantic City Staff Writer
May 22, 1997 | Read Article

The following are a sampling of matters we have handled:

Description of Action Verdict/Award/ Settlement Injury
Products liability involving
above ground pool
$4.475 million Quadriplegia
Action to establish inheritance
on behalf of illegitimate child
$1.4 million --
Loading dock dangerous premises $435,000 Spinal and Shoulder
Injuries with Surgeries
Motor Vehicle Accident $300,000
(All available insurance)
Fractured Ribs, Knee Surgery
Motor Vehicle Accident $300,000
(All available insurance)
Fractured Wrist, Femur
Motor Vehicle Accident $275,000 Fractured Hip
Motor Vehicle Accident $250,000
(All available insurance)
Fractured Ribs, Pulmonary Embolism
Motor Vehicle Accident $245,000 Spinal, Clavicle, Wrist, and Knee Injuries
Motorcycle Accident $210,000 Fractured Femur
Motor Vehicle Accident $190,000 Closed Head Injury
Motorcycle Accident $180,000 Fractured Ribs, Pulmonary Embolism
Slip and Fall $155,000 Low Back Injury, Lower Extremity Injury
Motor Vehicle Accident $150,000
(All available insurance)
Fractured Forearm
Premises Liability $125,000 Eye Injury
Motor Vehicle Accident $115,000 Thoracic Outlet
Motor Vehicle Accident $115,000 Non Surgical Cervical Herniated Disc
Motor Vehicle Accident $90,000 Aggravation Injury to Longstanding
Pre-existent Spinal Condition
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Cervical Spine

Hip Surgery

Lumbar Spine

Left Wrist Fractures

Right Shoulder Surgery

Right Knee